Monday, December 5, 2011

Hollywood Land

Last Thursday we went to the Hollywood, and we went to the Hollywood Walk of  Fame , I saw the symbol for MICHAEL JACKSON ,and I was so excited because I love him very much. He is very famous singer in America, He was famous for his particular voice, and his particular dance. But I like the place called Grauman Theater , There are so many famous people's hand print and feet print, To my surprise , i found the SHIRLY TEMPLE 'S hand print and feet print , I was so excited too, when I was child , I liked to see her movies , she is such a famous young actor , She was so cute. I love her very much. I can't forgot her attractive smile , and her particular dimple. I love her very much , her smile made everyone return to the our childhood , this is video for her hand print .  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My question

Question about guns ---- Why can Americans own their own gun ?

1) Are you from the US?
2) Which city?/ State?
3) Do you own your own gun ?
4) Do you know any friends or family members who own their own gun ? If so , Are they rifles or handguns?
5) Do you think it is safe for someone to keep a gun in their home?
6) What do you think about Americans owning guns?

why did you choose this question ? what incident, event, experience , observation, made you curious about this topic ? Describe in detail below.

Farmers market

This is my first time go to the Santa Monica farmers market , thai is always opening at Wednesday morning , we asked vendor some questions this is our video for cover